American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen – Education Town Hall (2013)

With Keep The Promise for New Mexico’s Future.

Keep The Promise for New Mexico’s Future:
All of your emails, calls and marches on the Roundhouse helped to pass SJM11, the Keep the Promise agenda, in both houses of New Mexico’s legislature!

Passing a memorial expresses that the legislature officially supports the type of education policies you helped to create through town halls, bus tours and public meetings. Things like:

  • Well-rounded and culturally relevant education
  • Well-paid, highly-qualified and experienced educators
  • Children who arrive to school healthy and motivated
  • High-quality early education
  • Collaboration between parents, educators and students
  • Strong families with access to fair wages and support services that help children succeed

Read the entire resolution, sponsored by Sen. Jacob Candelaria on our behalf.

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