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Why should you add New Mexico PBS to your marketing mix?

 To reach 710,050 households in central and northern New Mexico with your brand, message and information. Here’s another dozen reasons to market with us.

On-Air Spots

Whether you want to connect your brand with news and public affairs, arts and culture, children’s programs, travel, cooking … we have a wide range of opportunities for Sponsorship or airings throughout our schedule. Examples of On-Air Spots

Ventana Ads

Reach the 20,000 households of New Mexico PBS members through our monthly full-color monthly guide.

Web Ads

Placed on our active, robust website, your tile ad linked to your website can help build awareness.


Featured Underwriter

Shelley Gregory, President and CEO, Media Matched Advertising
“New Mexico PBS delivers a “Quality Program Environment” for our clients. Their name will be associated with powerful, strong, entertaining stories without the worry of violence, strong sexual content and language. Local programming content is rich, colorful and a true reflection of the New Mexico culture.”

~Shelley Gregory


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“Curious, imaginative, and learning communities so often come together – with gratitude and happiness, the Academy joins with New Mexico PBS to promote wonder in lives throughout our community! –Andrew T. Watson, Head of School, Albuquerque Academy


“Now We’re Cooking and New Mexico PBS – What a great combination. We watch New Mexico PBS to be informed, educated and entertained. And so do our customers! We’ve received great value from our years of sponsorship on New Mexico PBS. It’s the only venue where customers come in to tell us they saw our spot and to thank us for our sponsorship. New Mexico PBS works for Now We’re Cooking. –Nancy Herring & Matthew Segura, Owners, Now We’re Cooking


“Eisbach Facial Plastic Surgery searches to align itself with quality at its best. That’s why we support public television throughout the State and are honored to be associated with New Mexico PBS. In supporting programs like Masterpiece Theater, Antiques Roadshow and Special Performances, we connect with discerning, active, and engaged viewers as all of us seek to make a difference. –Dr. Karl Eisbach, Eisbach Facial Plastic Surgery


“We love being a part of New Mexico PBS. The programming that we see week in and week out is so important to our community. We are truly blessed to have such a great resource in Albuquerque. –Chet Stewart, FRENCH Funerals-Cremations