The Grand Canyon, Curanderismo

A Fascinating Walk Through Time

Connect has an all-star line-up this month. It all begins with a fantastic trip through the Grand Canyon and a fascinating walk through time. Dr. Karl Karlstrom, and Dr. Laura Crossey, Professors in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at UNM helped design the Trail of Time at the Grand Canyon. Their expertise in geology and formal geoscience education was called upon to help design the Trail which represents 4.5 billion years of earth’s geologic history where each step on the trail represents 1 million years. Closer to home, Laura and Karl compare the geologic stories of the Rio Grande Rift formation, which is three times larger than the canyon.

Traditional Medicine and Curanderismo

Next is a personal story of the healing power of traditional medicine and curanderismo. , the Vice President for Student Affairs at UNM and Antoinette “Tonita” Gonzales, Traditional healer and Curandera discuss the Traditional Healers without Borders program. As an alternative to modern medicine, they share various traditional and holistic health techniques.

Viewer Question of the Month

“How do solar flares impact life on earth?”

Dr. Harjit Ahluwalia, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UNM, explains the current solar cycle.

Original Airdate: Thursday, March 22 at 7pm on 5.1 NMPBS

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