The Collapse Of The Great Mayan Civilization, Chaco Chocolate

What led to the collapse of the great Mayan civilization of Central America?

Using high tech satellite and LiDAR images, Dr. Keith Prufer. Associate Professor of Anthropology, UNM, and his students peer through the dense jungle canopy to discover ancient Mayan ruins. What he found is fascinating…

“There are a lot of lessons we can draw from the past,” said Dr. Prufer. “The advantage of archeology for exploring the past is that we can see the whole picture. And this can give us examples of lessons we can use to face our problems today.”

Chaco Chocolate?

Forensic technology helps to tell an unexpected story about the Anasazi in Chaco Canyon. Patricia L. Crown, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, UNM, has found evidence of chocolate inside one thousand year old cylindrical jars from Pueblo Bonito.

“This demonstrates that archeological collections in museums continue to have a value long after they have been excavated,” said Dr. Crown. “New technology comes along that reveals a new fact about the past.”

Viewer Question of the Month

“What might happen if an Asteroid explodes close to the Earth?”

Dr. Mark Boslough uses the RedSky supercomputer at Sandia National Labs to discover an answer.

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