Jefferson’s Women, Alzheimer’s Research

Jefferson’s Women

CONNECT debuts this month with an all star line-up featuring an interview with historian Professor Virginia Scharff who recently wrote “The Women Jefferson Loved.” Throughout his life, Thomas Jefferson constructed a seemingly impenetrable wall between his public legacy and his private life. Virginia Scharff breaks down the barrier between these two spheres to offer an intriguing new portrait of this complicated and influential figure, seen through the lives of the most important people in his life: the women he loved. Dr. Scharff weighs in on the controversial question of whether Jefferson had children with his slaves.

“The Women Jefferson Loved” has been described as “eye-opening” and that it “Opens a window to the heart and soul of one of our nation’s founders.”

Alzheimer’s Research

Dr. Eva Chi shares her groundbreaking research into finding a cure for Alzheimers as she seeks answers for what causes proteins to go bad in the brain.

Viewer Question

Recipient of President Obama’s Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, Dr. Yasamin Mostofi looks to future and answers the question of how we get robots to think for themselves.

Original Airdate: Thursday, Jan. 19 at 7 pm on KNME Ch. 5.1

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