Historical Fact Vs. Fiction, Our Understanding of the Natural World

How do we separate historical fact from fiction?

“The story of the old west is a very, very colorful and romantic period of history. That’s why I was captivated by it as a child. And lots of other people have been. It’s just a great story and the characters are larger than life. And of course the forces they were up against were so incredible.” — Paul Hutton

Renowned western historian and author, Paul Andrew Hutton, Ph.D. explores the lives and myths of legendary characters from the Old West.

Are the human race and the natural world on a collision course?

“Environmental communication is based on the fundamental premise that the way we communicate with the natural world profoundly influences and to a large extent determines how we view and treat the natural world.” — Judith Hendry

Communications and Journalism Professor Judith Hendry, Ph.D. discusses how media influences our understanding of the natural world.

Viewer Question of the Month

In this month’s Viewer Question, David Beining, Immersive Media guru at UNM’s innovative Arts Lab, answers the question “Why Dome?”

Original Airdate: Thursday, December 20th at 7pm on New Mexico PBS 5.1

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