Eva Encinias-Sandoval

Eva Encinias-Sandoval is a one-person tour de force.

Master teacher at the University of New Mexico and Flamenco artist, Eva Encinias-Sandoval is the heart and soul of what has become one of the most celebrated Flamenco dance programs in the United States. She has also brought international distinction to the program. Celebrating 25 years of excellence this year, Eva is the founder of the renowned Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque.

In this special episode of Connect, Eva shares how her family instilled a deep love for Flamenco and how teaching is so close to her heart. We also see excerpts of great performances from the 25th Festival Flamenco program.

“My life was of full of magic, beautiful music, beautiful dance… Flamenco was the language with which my mother instilled in me the elements of discipline and energy and focus.”

Viewer Question of the Month

Dr. Andrew J. Schuler, Ph.D. explains how he is using bacteria to harvest energy from wastewater and developing energy-efficient materials to clean waterways. By engineering microbial fuel cells and biofilms, Andrew’s UNM research group has discovered that bacteria can be “put to work” to generate electricity as well as remove toxic chemicals during wastewater treatment.

“What a microbial fuel cell does is very clever. You insert a circuit into the bacterial metabolism and it looks a lot like a battery where we can generate a heat or light source.”

Original Airdate: Thursday, June 21st at 7pm on New Mexico PBS 5.1

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