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Ludella AwadLudella Awad

Hello! My name is Ludella Awad and I am a senior at UNM majoring in Communication and Journalism with a minor of Political Science. During my free time, I like to write stories and be curious. I believe in Journalism and storytelling in searching for the truth and serving the public. I spent my high school years writing columns and working closely for the Albuquerque Journal. This year I decided to jump start in going to television, where I work for KRQE TV and started working for NMPBS. I am delighted to get experience at NMPBS for my Journalism career. I also have another side for marketing. I currently work for the Daily Lobo in the sales section and have worked with the newsroom. I am very excited to work closely with the production crew at NMPBS! Thanks for being awesome!

Jesse ChavezJesse Chavez

"Hello! My name is Jesse Chavez and I am currently a 2nd year student at UNM majoring in Journalism in Strategic Communications with a minor in Political Science. I was born and raised here in NM and have been living on my own for the past two years in Albuquerque. In my spare time I enjoy reading, coffee drinking, and have an interest in fashion. My future aspirations after school would be to write and work in communications for a fashion magazine. Getting the opportunity to work for KNME has been exciting and welcoming and I look forward to my journey here as a part of the team!"

Destiny FelixDestiny Felix

"Hello, my name is Destiny Felix and I am currently a 2nd year student here at the University of New Mexico, majoring in Family and Child Studies and minoring in World Dance. I enjoy reading, watching movies, and working out on my spare time. When I am not being a student, I am a dancer for the Lobo dance team. You can find me dancing and cheering on our Lobos at all the games. I love working with kids and here at New Mexico PBS I am able to be involved with different activities with kids as well as their families. Being given the opportunity to intern here with New Mexico PBS will expose me to many opportunities for my future career. My future aspirations are to one day open up my own dance and therapy studio for families and married couples. So, they are given the opportunity express how they feel in a different way through dancing. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be here and excited for what is to come through this internship."

Stephanie HuwylerStephanie Huwyler

Hey y'all! My name is Stephanie Huwyler, I was born and raised in Houston, TX and moved to Albuquerque to explore new opportunities away from home. I am a third year student in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media at UNM. I enjoy taking photographs, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Aspiring to be an art director after college, I know that NMPBS will provide me with the experiences needed for my future endeavors.

Liberty ParkerLiberty Parker

"Hi! My name is Liberty Parker and I am a part of the student production crew here at New Mexico PBS. Currently, I am now a fourth year student at UNM studying film and digital media. Outside of work and school, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. My future aspirations after graduating would be to become a video producer or a full time editor. I am super thrilled about this opportunity to work for NMPBS and excited to continue learning and growing with this team."

Anahi MartinezAnahi Martinez

"Hey there! My name is Anahi (Ana-E) Martinez and I’m a senior at UNM majoring in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media (IFDM) with a concentration in post-production. During my free time, I love to visit local comic book shops and take my two huskies, Barry and Art3mis, out for walks. A fun fact about me is that I LOVE collecting Funko Pop figures! My favorites are the Gotham TV series pops. In fact, Gotham is what inspired me to go into the film industry! It is because of Gotham that I fell in love with the art of cinematography and post-production. I dream of one day working with an amazing cast and crew to produce content that others will enjoy and be inspired by. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with NMPBS – I am eager to learn everything I can and am confident I will get an amazing work experience while I’m here."

Nicolas Maxwell-ParraNicolas Maxwell-Parra

Hello! My name is Nicolas Maxwell-Parra, I am a third year student at the University of New Mexico, perusing a degree in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Political Science. I describe myself as an “Adventurer”, always wanting to experience new things and gain new skills, I hope to apply that here at NMPBS and hopefully use this to further my career! I love the chance to be able to share the curriculum that PBS programing is supporting with the community.

Faith PerezFaith Perez

"My name is Faith Perez, and I am currently a student at UNM majoring in film and digital media. I enjoy post-production work and learning about new software in my spare time. Having the opportunity to work here at KNME has given me invaluable experience, and I'm just excited to get to do what I love and learn everything I can while I am here!"

Bennett RileyBennett Riley

“Hey there! My name is Bennett Riley and I am currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary Arts degree at the University of New Mexico, with focuses in Music Production and Film Production. I’m also getting a minor in Interdisciplinary Honors. So far, I have enjoyed trying my hands at all the various elements of production, from camera to set decoration to audio. I am thankful for the opportunities KNME has given me to continue pursuing a career in the film industry.”

Cesca-Maria SegarraCesca-Maria Segarra

"Hey there, my name is Cesca-Maria Segarra. I was born in Taos, NM, but I’ve jumped around the world in terms of where I’ve lived. Including Majorca, Spain and Bali, Indonesia. I went to high school at New Mexico School for The Arts in Santa Fe for classical ballet and modern dance. I’m now a second year student at the University of New Mexico majoring in Film and Digital Media. My passion is in the arts and enjoying the beautiful oddities of the world. I love my friends dearly and aspire to be like my mother everyday. In the future, I hope to be a director and work with brilliant people across the globe. I’m hungry to learn and experience as much as I can on this beautiful planet. I believe that NMPBS is a first step for me in a long journey to success in the film industry."

Vicente VargasVicente Vargas

Hi! I’m Vicente Vargas, I am a first year student at UNM majoring in Psychology with a minor in theatre. In my very rare free time I love to read, write, watch movies and participate in community theatre. Theatre and performing are my passion and I plan to pursue it in one way or another. I’m excited to be working here at KNME with all the excitement that television brings, I’m also very grateful for the opportunity to be working in such a cool environment!

Petyr XystPetyr Xyst

"I'm a first-year student at UNM, studying Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media and looking to minor in Journalism. I was originally born in Albuquerque to two hypergoth progenitors, but was raised in the cold- and yes, rainy- metropolis that is Seattle. Throughout my extended infancy, I found myself attracted to directing and editing short film, creating my own avenues for success when I couldn't find any. I came back to Albuquerque because, I mean, come on; sun *and* the possibility of making first contact with an extraterrestrial species, undoubtedly marking a new period for the history of life on Earth and potentially opening the door to our eventual demise? Sign me up! Honestly, I hope to make a career out of this someday, but for now I'm still trying to figure out how the shuttle schedule works."