Board Application

The Board of Directors for KNME-TV is soliciting applications for the position of Community Representative on the board. The KNME-TV board is comprised of seven members, three appointed by the Superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools, and three are appointed by the President of the University of New Mexico. The seventh voting member is chosen by the six appointed members. The Community Representative serves as a full voting member of the KNME-TV Board representing the viewers and communities which KNME-TV serves. The position of Community Representative on the KNME-TV board is an unpaid, volunteer position. The KNME-TV board meets quarterly. Please upload a copy of your resume and a letter of introduction.

The responses to the questions in this application will be used to create a profile of each applicant. Individual responses will not prohibit you from being on the board but rather for the other board members to understand your complete background.

Board Application - Letter of Intent