Stand Up Empire


Program Title/NOLA: Stand Up Empire/SUEM

# of Episodes:

30 minutes

Feed Date/Schedule:
September 13 – October 18, 2016
1330 – 1400 ET

Rights: Unlimited broadcast one year; no noncommercial cable; school same as broadcast.

Series Description:

Stand Up Empire is a new episodic series shot in Austin, Texas, chronicling the white-hot stand up comedy scene currently exploding in the “live music capital of the world”. Co-Creators Brently Heilbron & Mike Wilson bring you a mix of intimate interviews and tight stand up comedy sets by Austin’s brightest rising stars. Stand Up Empire aims to showcase the household names of the future, as well as document their incredibly diverse backgrounds, their motivations, commitment to comedy, and definitions of success.

Featured in each episode is a segment called “Snapshot” which aims to showcase a unique person, business, organization, or entity, and their connection to the Austin comedy scene. The show is hosted by comedic veteran Brently Heilbron and produced & directed by Austin filmmaker Christopher Shea.

Individual Program Descriptions:
#101 (25:20) – Featured comics Chris Cubas & Saffron Herndon, with a Snapshot of Liezta Brass and the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#102 (25:53) – Featured comics Kerry Awn and Kerri Lendo, with a Snapshot on Shaun Branigan and the emo puppet band Fragile Rock. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#103 (27:22) – Featured comics Rob Gagnon & Lashonda Lester, with a Snapshot on cartoonist/artist Danny Jock. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#104 (26:15) – Featured comics Martin Urbano & Avery Moore, with a Snapshot on the Coldetowne Theatre and the Austin improve scene. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#105 (26:24) – Featured comics Daniel Rubb Webb & Roxy Castillo, with a Snapshot on the live storytelling show Greetings From Queer Mountain. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#106 (26:04) – Featured comics Lisa Delarios & Chip Pope, with a Snapshot on Workout with Erica Nix. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

Rating embedded on program: None

Production Format: HD Base

Closed Captioned: Yes

Producer: Gone Off Deep Productions

Nature of Producing Organization: Independent

Production Funding: Underwriters: Rolling Rock, CareBox Program (non-profit), Girl Talk (non-profit)

Presenting Station/Group: KLRU

Broadcast History: Aired on KLRU-Q, beginning June 5, 2016

Content Alert: Content Alerts & Flags will be posted on MyPBS

Videos Available: No

Tag Language: None

Promotional Contact: Brently Heilbron


Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes

Underwriting Language: Funding for Stand Up Empire is brought to you by…

Cost/Conditions: Free / non-exclusive

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