The New Mexico PBS Science Crawl is a collaborative venture with Albuquerque Public Schools and Albuquerque Museums to build interest and enthusiasm in the field of science. Through Science Crawl, students explore the depth and richness of New Mexico's science and technology resources. In addition, Science Crawl gives students the opportunity to visit Albuquerque's rich science museums—some for the first time. The goal is to stimulate interest in science and math careers.
With funding by Sandia National Labs, and Lockheed Martin, over 1,200 8th grade students from six Albuquerque middle schools took part in educational activities aligned with state science standards. Teachers were trained and given study guides to use with their students. Then the kids spent an entire day at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, the Albuquerque Aquarium, The Rio Grande Zoo, Explora! and the Botanic Garden.

2012-2013 SCHEDULE

November 15, 2012
Wilson Middle School to NM Museum of Natural History (& Planetarium)
190 6th gr. students

February 2012
Kennedy Middle School to National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
240 8th gr. students

April 5, 2013
Cleveland Middle School to: Explora Science Center
236 6th gr. students

April 9, 2013
Hayes Middle School to Aquarium & Botanical Gardens
140 6th gr. students

April 15, 2013
Truman Middle School to Rio Grande Zoo
375 6th gr. students