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Martha Speaks Reading Buddies
About The Show
Based on the best-selling children's book series by Susan Meddaugh, the "Martha Speaks" animated TV series follows the adventures of Martha, a loveable dog whose appetite for alphabet soup gives her the ability to speak. The educational goal of the series is to bolster the vocabulary of 4 to 7-year-olds within the context of great stories in engaging, comical ways. Being a talking dog, Martha lives in a vocabulary-rich environment.

About the Reading Buddies Program
Using the vocabulary focus of "Martha Speaks," this special community engagement project pairs fourth or fifth grade students with kindergarten students to help both younger and older students build vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Pairs 5th Graders With 1st Graders
The project is designed to help students learn 32 new words through a series of eight sessions. The sessions include watching "Martha Speaks" episodes, reading books that feature the 32 vocabulary words, using these new vocabulary words in one-on-one conversations, visiting the "Martha Speaks" website together and doing hands-on activities.

KNME has conducted Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Programs at three APS elementary schools including Kirtland, Whittier, and Delores Gonzales reaching approx. 150 children in Kindergarten to 5th grades.