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The Electric Company
About The Show
The Electric Company is a TV show, an online destination and a community outreach experience that offers 6-9 year old children a hip portal into the world of literacy. This reinvention of the classic 70's show continues its' predecessor's aim of being at the edge of cool by drawing on animation,
comedic styles, hip music and celebrities of today. The backbone of the project remains literacy with a curriculum of vocabulary, phonics and comprehension of connected text.

About the Program
Kirtland Elementary is partnering with public television station KNME to pilot new curriculum using The Electric Company, a PBS program for kids ages 6-9.

Albuquerque is one of five cities chosen to be a pilot program site, along with New York, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland.

The curriculum, which is part of KNME’s Read to Learn Service, provides 90 minutes of daily activities for five weeks. It is being used as part of Kirtland’s summer extension program. Children use multi-media technology while building literacy and math skills.

Research indicates that exposure to the Electric Company series raised skills in reading and vocabulary comprehension. Motivation to keep on learning also increased by 50 percent.

This fall, Kirtland teachers will receive additional hands-on training and support from KNME’s Ready to Learn Service. They will learn best teaching practices, how to set up technology in their classrooms and how to use the array of PBS multimedia materials and activities.

The Electric Company Summer Out of School Time Model is presented by Sesame Workshop, with funding from The U.S. Department of Education, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS. Sesame Workshop launched The Electric Company in 2009