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Native Americans returning to their dietary roots, the impact of language and conflicts of interests on cases against police officers

Pueblo foods from The Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook

This week on New Mexico in Focus, we learn about the traditional foods of pueblo communities in New Mexico. Correspondent Megan Kamerick sits down with chef Lois Ellen Frank and Roxanne Swentzell, co-editor of “The Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook” to discuss food traditions and why some Native Americans are returning to the diets of their ancestors. And journalist Jeff Proctor from New Mexico in Depth’s Justice Project joins us to talk about his recent reporting with the Santa Fe New Mexican on how language and conflicts of interest can impact how cases against police officers are handled in the courts.

NMiF host Gene Grant and the Line panelists debate what should happen next as lawmakers grapple with a budget deficit of about $69 million for this year, and a revenue projection for next year that’s down by almost $300 million. The Line also takes on other important issues in the news.

Gene Grant

Sarah Gustavus
Megan Kamerick

Studio Guests:
Lois Ellen Frank, chef, Red Mesa Cuisine
Roxanne Swentzell, co-editor, “The Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook
Jeff Proctor, independent journalist, The Justice Project

Line Panelists:
Janice Arnold-Jones, former state representative
Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Eric Griego, former state senator
Sophie Martin, attorney and editor of

The high cost of childcare in New Mexico, Local news

Child care

This week on New Mexico in Focus, correspondent Gwyneth Doland examines the high cost of child care in New Mexico with a panel of local experts.

Guest host Megan Kamerick and the Line opinion panelists discuss allegations that APD employees tampered with videos from police shooting cases, explore the direction New Mexico schools may take under the Trump administration, and look at Mayor Berry’s “State of the City” address in light or current events, including the number of fires recently set throughout Albuquerque.

Guest Host:

Megan Kamerick


Gwyneth Doland

Studio Guests: 

Catron Allred, director of education programs at CNM
Hailey Heinz, senior policy analyst at the Center for Education Policy Research at UNM
Giovanna Rossi, owner of Collective Action Strategies

Line Panelists:

Dede Feldman, former state senator
Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Mary T. Torres, attorney at Law Offices of Mary T. Torres
Harry Van Buren, professor in UNM Anderson School of Management

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