How do we separate historical fact from fiction? “The story of the old west is a very, very colorful and romantic period of history. That’s why I was captivated by it as a child. And lots of other people have been. It’s just a great story and the characters are larger than life. And of … Continue reading Historical Fact Vs. Fiction, Our Understanding of the Natural World, and Immersive Media


What are the basic forces that have shaped our universe since the beginning of time? “One of the things my group is interested in studying is heavy quark systems. Heavy quarks are interesting because they don’t appear in our daily life. What we find in our daily life, what our bodies are made of, what … Continue reading Matter in Our Universe, Climate Change & Discovery of New Molecules


Curiosity has landed. Will we discover life on Mars? “Billions of years ago there were environments where life could have existed. We are looking for evidence of what those environments were like and also if there was life present at that time. There’s a possibility that life is still present on Mars but it would … Continue reading Life on Mars & Navajo Poet Luci Tapahonso


We remain in the dark about what makes up 96% of the universe. “What has always excited human beings is the unknown. It’s always the edge that we’re working on. But there’s also the idea of going where no one has gone before.” –Dinesh Loomba Join Physics and Astronomy Professor Dr. Dinesh Loomba as he … Continue reading The Dark Matter Phenomenon; Classic Stories and Popular Culture in Film & Television


Why Is It Important For Prairie Dogs To Be Restored To Their Native Habitat? “Bison and prairie dogs co-existed for thousands of years and the ecological role of these large herbivores, like bison and cattle with prairie dogs, is such that they actually CAN have a mutual relationship. What I realized is they’re [prairie dogs] among the most important, but yet … Continue reading Prairie Dogs & the Native Habitat; Human Bone & Heart Valves Grown In A Laboratory?


What makes a Photographic Masterpiece? “Any great picture that we can call a masterpiece has an enduring quality that lasts over time, and has something that you can come back to over a very long period of time and [it] still resonates with a person…” — Dr. Michele M. Penhall Dr. Michele M. Penhall, Curator … Continue reading Photographic Masterpieces and Legendary Navajo leaders Manuelito and Juanita


Eva Encinias-Sandoval is a one-person tour de force. Master teacher at the University of New Mexico and Flamenco artist, Eva Encinias-Sandoval is the heart and soul of what has become one of the most celebrated Flamenco dance programs in the United States. She has also brought international distinction to the program. Celebrating 25 years of … Continue reading “For me there was a fire inside, a light that just shone Flamenco.” – Eva Encinias-Sandoval


What led to the collapse of the great Mayan civilization of Central America? Using high tech satellite and LiDAR images, Dr. Keith Prufer. Associate Professor of Anthropology, UNM, and his students peer through the dense jungle canopy to discover ancient Mayan ruins. What he found is fascinating… “There are a lot of lessons we can … Continue reading The Collapse Of The Great Mayan Civilization and Chaco Chocolate


Cabeza De Vaca’s Translated Journals This month, CONNECT begins with author and Professor at the UNM School of Architecture and Planning, Baker H. Morrow. Baker shares his recent book, “The South American Expeditions 1540 to 1545”, the accounts of the 16th century explorer, Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca. Until Baker translated Cabeza de Vaca’s journals … Continue reading This month we investigate Cabeza De Vaca and “The Folsom People”


– A Fascinating Walk Through Time Connect has an all-star line-up this month. It all begins with a fantastic trip through the Grand Canyon and a fascinating walk through time. Dr. Karl Karlstrom, and Dr. Laura Crossey, Professors in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at UNM helped design the Trail of Time at … Continue reading This month we investigate the Grand Canyon, curanderismo, and solar flares.


– Nano Revolution Our all-star line-up features Dr. C. Jeffrey Brinker, UNM Professor in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. On the cutting edge of materials science, Jeffrey is developing nanoscale materials for curing cancer, microelectronics, and energy harvesting. He and his students are building and engineering nanoscale materials to deliver drugs directly … Continue reading This month Connect travels from nano to the cosmos.


Jefferson’s Women CONNECT debuts this month with an all star line-up featuring an interview with historian Professor Virginia Scharff who recently wrote “The Women Jefferson Loved.” Throughout his life, Thomas Jefferson constructed a seemingly impenetrable wall between his public legacy and his private life. Virginia Scharff breaks down the barrier between these two spheres to … Continue reading January 2012