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Woody Gwyn, Max Beckmann, “Cross Currents” Exhibit

Airs Friday October 24, at 9:00 pm on Ch. 5.1

Woody Gwyn


A visit on location with New Mexico landscape painter Woody Gwyn. In between brushstrokes, Woody defines what he sees.

“I like abstraction by the way that seems rooted in reality. And realism that seems rooted in abstraction.”

Max Beckmann

A painter’s painter, Max Beckmann avoided identification with a particular school or style. His work is a celebration of painting’s grand traditions.

“He’s an artist, who throughout his career was always searching for new modes of painting, of print-making, of sculpture. He experimented in all of those areas.”

“Cross Currents” Exhibit

At the “Cross Currents” exhibit in Denver, Native American artists safeguard tradition in the face of change.

“They’re offering positive change in thinking and creating new works that give us a different way of understanding indignity in contemporary society.”