The PBS Series HISTORY DETECTIVES Are In Santa Fe & Taos

The PBS Series HISTORY DETECTIVES Are In Santa Fe & Taos, Fri. 3/23 & Sat 3/24 To Trace The Roots of A Kit Carson Biography – N.M. Episode to Air in Summer 2012

Host Tukufu Zuberi and his HISTORY DETECTIVES crew will be taping all around Santa Fe & Taos, researching the case of a Kit Carson biography, specifically a copy that may have a tangible connection to Kit Carson’s family.

New Mexico PBS, Ch. 5.1 will be airing this episode, along with the rest of the series, when HISTORY DETECTIVES returns for its 10th season in July 2012.


Charles Burns of Bakersfield, CA has reason to believe his antique biography of legendary frontiersman Kit Carson may be more than just a life story, but may also hold a tangible connection to Kit Carson’s family.

Charles purchased this leather bound edition of Life and Adventures of Kit Carson at the estate sale of a Wild West book collector. Leafing through the book Charles was amazed to find a page near the center with names of Kit Carson’s family written in what appears to be quill pen and ink.

The previous owner left another clue with this note: “Because it is a first edition and bears family records, may be especially valuable.” HISTORY DETECTIVES Tukufu Zuberi takes on the challenge to find out whether this book once belonged to the Kit Carson family.

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