Albuquerque, NM — KNME-New Mexico PBS (Albuquerque/Santa Fe) received a Ready To Learn Award of $94,000 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) for a pilot project between KNME-New Mexico’s Ready To Learn Service and Manzano Mesa Elementary School. NMPBS Ready To Learn was a sub-recipient awardee from CPB and the US Dept. of Education.

This project was designed to test effective uses of new PBS Kids Transmedia Content (digital videos and interactive games) and tools from PBS KIDS using technology (iPads), with children ages 6-10, while involving their parents, caregivers, and educators. The goal was to improve the students’ math and literacy skills and expose them to new content and resources. KNME-New Mexico PBS worked with Manzano Mesa as a community partner to integrate PBSKids Transmedia Content into new and existing after-school, summer learning, and other educational programs to support learning in Out-of-School Time.

(Transmedia storytelling and learning tells a single story across multiple platforms and formats, using current digital technologies, combining books and other activities to reinforce learning.)

In collaboration with Children’s Choice, a quality afterschool program provider, KNME-NMPBS developed a PBSKids Summer Learning Camp at Manzano Mesa Elementary that ran from June 11-July 26. This camp incorporated school-aged, project-based learning with PBSKids media content, and The Electric Company Summer Learning Program.

The New Mexico PBS Ready To Learn Service provided the Summer Learning Camp staff with iPads, along with other resources, to support the use of quality PBSKids Transmedia content for Out of School Time Learning. This was a free service to the children and their families, where the Kids could learn math and literacy skill- building activities and play PBSKids Computer Games.

In addition to the summer camp, the literacy skill-building content was successfully introduced to Spanish speaking parents and kids at their pre-school co-op. Parents were provided with ways to use the content to teach their kids vocabulary words with the program SUPER WHY!

“Our partnership with NM PBS has been mutually beneficial and our parents, especially those who speak English as a second language, are eager to continue learning with the wonderful resources that PBS offers,” said Deanna Creighton Cook, Community School Coordinator, Manzano Mesa Elementary School. “We have incorporated the Martha Speaks Reading Buddies program into our Before School Book Club, and teachers and parents are very excited about the potential to improve literacy and language skills. We look forward to continuing to work with NM PBS as an influential partner in our school and the community of Albuquerque.”

Other children can take part in the PBSKids Lab too – ONLINE – with FREE “PBS KIDS” games and apps. Go to www.newmexicopbs.org Click on EDUCATE, and visit the “PBS KIDS LAB” for games and activities from favorite “PBS KIDS” shows – including CURIOUS GEORGE, MARTHA SPEAKS, THE CAT IN THE HAT, WILD KRATTS, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY and more!

Learning and fun can happen anytime, anywhere….all the time… with smart and fun online math, science and reading games from the “PBS KIDS LAB!”

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