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February 15, 2013

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, PBS will broadcast a series of specials from PBS NEWSHOUR, FRONTLINE, WASHINGTON WEEK, NOVA, NEED TO KNOW and more, that continue the public conversation on gun laws, mental illness and school security.

The “After Newtown” programming airs on New Mexico PBS Ch.5.1 and on PBS stations nationwide February 18-23. All shows listed below are NEW and will air on Ch. 5.1 unless otherwise noted. Explore more at


Monday – Friday, Feb. 18-22 at 6:00 pm
Each newscast will include a segment dedicated to exploring the issues surrounding the Newtown tragedy.


Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 8:00 pm
Trace the evolution of guns in America, their link to violence and competing visions of national identity. — AFTER NEWTOWN: GUNS IN AMERICA is an unprecedented exploration of America’s enduring relationship with firearms. From the first European settlements in the New World, to frontier justice; from 19th-century immigrant riots, to gangland violence in the Roaring Twenties; from the Civil War to civil rights, guns have been at center of our national narrative. Americans have relied on guns to sustain communities, challenge authority and keep the peace. Efforts to curtail their distribution and ownership have triggered epic political battles. This program traces the evolution of guns in America, their frequent link to violence and the clash of cultures that reflect competing visions of our national identity.


FRONTLINE "Raising Adam Lanza"FRONTLINE “Raising Adam Lanza”
Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 9:00 pm
Examine the life of Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, and the battle over gun laws and gun culture. — In the wake of the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, FRONTLINE investigates a young man and the town he changed forever. Adam Lanza’s motives, and his life, remain largely a mystery. With The Hartford Courant, FRONTLINE looks for answers to the central — and so far elusive — question: Who was Adam Lanza? Also this hour: In the aftermath of the tragedy, President Obama called for a national conversation about guns. Nowhere is that conversation more intense than in Newtown, where FRONTLINE finds a town divided and explores how those closest to the tragedy are wrestling with our nation’s gun culture and laws.


NOVA "Mind of a Rampage Killer"NOVA “Mind of a Rampage Killer”
Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 8:00 pm (and Saturday, Feb. 23 at 6:00 pm on Ch. 9.1)
Learn how much science can tell us about a brain at risk for violence. — What makes a person walk into a theater or church or classroom and open fire? What combination of circumstances compels a human being to commit the most inhuman of crimes? As the nation tries to comprehend the tragic events in Newtown, NOVA correspondent Miles O’Brien investigates theories into what drives rampage killers. Could suicide — and the desire to go out in a media-fueled blaze of glory — be their main motivation? How much can science tell us about a brain at risk for violence? Most important, can we recognize dangerous minds in time to stop the next Newtown?


Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 9:00 pm (and Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7:00 pm on Ch. 9.1)
Learn what can be done to detect problem behavior and prevent violent attacks. —- Psychologists, working with law enforcement officers, have devised tools to prevent violent attacks. THE PATH TO VIOLENCE details a powerfully effective Secret Service program — the Safe School Initiative — that’s helped schools detect problem behavior. However, shooters like Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner and allegedly James Holmes all executed their attacks after they’d left school. Can the gains made by psychologists and law enforcement be extended to encompass parents — terrified of their own children and inadequately helped by mental health and legal systems — and families of violent individuals? Is the country ready for a national conversation about the balance between school safety and civil liberties that interventions, including gun control, require?


Friday, Feb. 22 at 8:00 pm
Explore the ripple effects of a single fatal shooting incident. Twenty years ago, an 18-year-old freshman and his professor were shot dead at a small Massachusetts college. The killer was apprehended, convicted and sent to prison, but the events that day continue to reverberate all these years later.


Friday, Feb. 22 at 8:30 pm
Moderator and Managing Editor Gwen Ifill will feature a segment discussing how Washington lawmakers are addressing the issue of gun control.