NEW MEXICO PBS TO AIR *TWO* Timely, Solutions-Based PBS Specials

AFTER NEWTOWN  – Friday, Dec. 21 at 8 – 9 p.m. 


(Albuquerque, NM) — In conjunction with the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut, New Mexico PBS will air the following two PBS specials, on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 21 and 22.

PBS Special AFTER NEWTOWN Furthers National Conversation About
Recent Tragedies and Related Issues

AFTER NEWTOWN – Friday, 12/21 from 8:00-9:00pm, on New Mexico PBS Ch. 5.1

After NewtownAs the country comes together to grieve the loss of life in Newtown, a national conversation has begun about how to better protect and serve our communities in the face of catastrophe. The questions of how to respond to these tragedies face us all:  government at all levels, educators, mental health professionals, the media, and individual Americans.

Continuing PBS’ participation in this vital discussion, AFTER NEWTOWN, brings together news and public affairs teams from across PBS in a joint effort to analyze and illuminate the issues surrounding these events.  PBS will offer additional insight and analysis with several new programs in the new year, to be announced.

AFTER NEWTOWN, anchored by Gwen Ifill, addresses such issues as access to guns and the politics of gun laws; mental illness in young adults; the science of detecting violent impulses; and how communities react to unspeakable tragedy. The program features in-studio interviews and conversations with regular contributors to WASHINGTON WEEK. Contributions from PBS hallmark news programming PBS NEWSHOUR, FRONTLINE, WASHINGTON WEEK, NEED TO KNOW, and NOVA provide insight and analysis to AFTER NEWTOWN by pooling resources for the special.

WHAT NEXT AFTER NEWTOWN: WHAT OUR COUNTRY AND COMMUNITIES  CAN DO  – Saturday, Dec. 22 at 1:00 – 4:00 pm, on New Mexico PBS, Ch. 5.1

Explores Community Issues and Potential Solutions

– Public television continues conversation about tragedies and their consequences through in-depth discussions and analysis –

(Image Credit: Reuters/Landov)

Public television will address community issues and concerns and seek out answers by further delving into key topics stemming from recent events. The three-hour special, from WLIW/WNET, provides an in-depth analysis of issues featuring a variety of perspectives in an effort to spark a nationwide conversation about long-term solutions.

“This is a profoundly difficult topic that has hit our community very close to home,” says WNET President and CEO Neal Shapiro.” We felt we could play a valuable role in advancing a thoughtful discussion about healing and changing by taking an in-depth look at some of the key issues being discussed in this tragedy’s aftermath.”

Expanding on the discussions brought forth from the PBS special AFTER NEWTOWN airing on Friday, December 21, WHAT NEXT AFTER NEWTOWNfully investigates the vital concerns raised by the recent tragedies via six half-hour segments. The segments, will address a range of important topics that weigh heavily on the country and look deeply into the individual issues, exploring what they mean for the nation, for families, schools, and communities.

The segment topics include:

  •       Accessibility of weapons
  •       Violence in the media
  •       Talking to children and finding a path tohealing
  •       School security
  •       Public policy and mental illness
  •       The mind of troubled shooters

NEED TO KNOWco-hosts Jeff Greenfield and Maria Hinojosa, and NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT co-anchor Susie Gharib will serve as co-anchors for the special event with other prominent newscasters to be announced.

Both of these programs will be live-streamed to national audiences at and will be available after broadcast.

Viewers can learn more about the issues discussed on PBS programs at the website and are also encouraged to join the national conversation by using the Twitter hashtag #AfterNewtown.

These programs were made possible by public television viewers. For more information, visit:


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