Net-iquette Premiere

Attend a FREE Screening Saturday, August 23 6:00pm at the Kimo Theatre

Airs on Ch.5.1: Thursday, September 11 at 7:00pm

“I’ve had kids come in very upset, very depressed, very distraught because something they posted, or something that got posted about them, has spread in a way that is not contained. They’ve lost control of that image, that information.”
Elisa Montrose-Roback, LMFT
Bosque Mental Health

“Where do you think predators go to find children?
Where children are going to be.”
Lois Kinch, Special Agent, NM Attorney General’s Office
NM Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

“You would interview a candidate … and then you search their name online and you find out what pops up. It’s not only what you may put on line or what people may put on their site about you, it’s the context.”
LeAnne Collins
Human Resources Director

Our youth (digital natives) have grown up in a cyber world that is seamlessly integrated with our daily lives. Most parents and other adults (digital immigrants) are not completely familiar with all the various internet apps, tools and sites that allow people to connect in good and bad ways. Many times children are more comfortable in that world than the adults who are supposed to look out for them. While we teach our youth the etiquette of various social interactions: restaurant behavior, etc; many adults don’t understand enough to give them guidelines for the on-line world. This is a documentary that will help.

“Net-iquette” is a comprehensive media campaign centered around a half hour documentary that is followed by a half hour studio program to help youth, parents and educators throughout New Mexico understand the potential dangers associated with use of the internet and social media; from stalking and cyber-bullying to sext-ing and future employment issues. “Unless you’re under the age of 20, you really don’t fully understand the world of social media and the internet,” says producer/director Chris Schueler. “And the truth is, it’s an entirely different way to communicate that can be very effective, but also very dangerous.”

“This is crucial information for teens and for parents,” says Thom Turbett, President of the Board of SafeTeen New Mexico. “And in addition to the full documentary that we’ll distribute to all the school districts and the PTA’s, we have shorter training videos that can be used as well.”

Produced by multiple Emmy © Award winning director/producer, Chris Schueler, the project is presented by The City of Albuquerque, Cooperative Educational Services, Intel Security, NM Office of the Attorney General, Independent Insurance Agents of New Mexico, New Mexico Coalition of Educational Leaders, New Mexico School Boards Association, New Mexico Public Education Department and the New Mexico Parent Teacher Association in association with KOB-TV 4, KNME-TV 5, KENW-TV 3, and KRWG-TV 22.

“We turn the viewers screen into various social media pages, as they hear from experts and youth about what really happens on the web.” says Chris Schueler, Executive Director of SafeTeen and the producer of the film, “ I’ve got to say, I’ve certainly changed my habits on line and encouraged all my friends to do the same. Some of this will really scare you.” In addition to the documentary, the one hour program will also include a live half hour follow up show that will focus on solutions.

The Albuquerque Mayors Youth Advisory Board is involved in the project through production, marketing and distribution work. They have assisted with a facebook page and are overseeing the Gala Premiere, which is slated for August 23 at 6pm at the Kimo Theatre. The premiere is open to the public for free and doors open at 5pm. In addition to the documentary, there are shorter, targeted videos created for Middle Schools, High Schools and Parents. For information please visit or

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