“If Eight People In Albuquerque Can Do It — Why Can’t Congress?”


Airs Thursday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. on Ch.5.1

Albuquerque takes center stage in the great Congressional policy debates when eight people, four Democrats and four Republicans, attempt to balance the federal budget in a weekend! In a new form of the reality show, these eight regular people are locked in a room at Central New Mexico Community College and asked to balance the federal budget.

The show, BIG BAD BUDGET, asks the question, “If eight people in Albuquerque can do it, why can’t Congress?” The result airs Thursday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. on Ch.5.1.

For the eight people, it’s just like Congress. They are given the U.S. Treasury budget figures, but they are not experts. The idea is to find out if regular people can solve the problems that Congress cannot solve.

They are asked to either cut spending or raise taxes and see a savings of $750 billion. They fight, argue, cajole, dig in, bluff, strategize, and ultimately….well, that will be revealed when the show airs.

Can they do it? Can eight people from Albuquerque find a way to solve a major political problem? Can they show Congress the way?

The program seeks to find out if regular people, out of the glare of Washington, can find a way to work together and overcome the obstacles? They are being filmed as they try to see their way to a solution, and you as the viewer can see the inside workings of how problems can be solved. “BIG BAD BUDGET” is a Film by Tom Carroll.

2 thoughts on “BIG BAD BUDGET

  1. Closing the budget gap is just the first step. Paying down the massive debt we pay interest on, is the real stone on the people’s neck. We should keep the focus on the debt that needs to be paid back.

    I don’t think the eight people on the Bigbadbudget show will close the budget gap.

    The USA needs to work out a bankruptcy deal with our creditors.

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