Caring for young children’s teeth is an important part of keeping their bodies healthy – and it’s never too early to get started! Strong first or baby teeth set the stage for strong permanent teeth, and help children play, learn, and grow. The Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me tips and tools help parents and children care for teeth together.

Westside Pediatric Dentistry Encourages Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me with New Mexico PBS

New Mexico PBS will conduct 5 Healthy Teeth Healthy Me Workshops for childcare providers or parents and participate in several community Family Nights to provide tips and information on the importance of children’s oral health. To schedule Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me Workshops and Family Nights in Rio Rancho Public Schools, or for more information contact New Mexico PBS Ready To Learn Service at (505) 277-4087.

The Healthy Teeth Healthy Me Workshops are designed to help caregivers find healthy ways to support their children’s dental hygiene, by building good habits. Caregivers will receive a Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me Tool Kit with ideas on how to talk with little ones about healthy smiles, activities to get them moving and ideas that they can do in the daycare around healthy teeth.

At the Family Nights New Mexico PBS will hold a tooth paste tasting, (children can vote which toothpaste is their favorite based on taste) and hand out educational materials and coloring sheets.

Westside Pediatric Dentistry is a proud sponsor of the New Mexico PBS Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me Initiative

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