“I have always been an imaginative person: making up stories and games and using my imagination all day, everyday, playing in an imagined world. When I was about four years old, I asked my mother what a “prime directive” was. She replied: “It is what you want to do with your life, like a job.” She then asked if I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I replied: “I want to play, play, play!”

It is still true that I want to use my imagination to create and “play.” I am a hard-worker and studying at the University of New Mexico. At UNM I am working on a Bachelors degree in Film and Digital Media and a second degree in Studio Arts.

I participate in sports, soccer in particular, for 15 years. I was a five-year volunteer, tutoring elementary students, helping them with their homework and occasionally playing with them. I participated in several art shows, such as Focus on Youth and The Metropolitan Art Show. I, at least, placed or received honorable mention three years in a row. In my college education I have taken several art and technical classes, preparing me for a career in the future and continuing to improve my artistic abilities and even getting in to galleries. Working at New Mexico PBS has furthered my education and given me a way to practically apply what I am learning in college to the real world.

Although I am a quiet, shy person, I am very ambitious and determined. My ultimate prime directive is to continue, “playing” by using my imagination and creating works which communicate and connect to others. Creating things is my play and my work.”

“My name is Aaron Anglin. I’m currently majoring in Mass Communications with an intense interest in broadcasting and online media. Over the Past 2 years I’ve been operating my own YouTube channel which is really just me putting myself in front of a camera and talking to myself in my room (for whatever reason this seems normal to me.) Working at New Mexico PBS allows me to do what for the past 2 years has been hobby as an actual job except with professional equipment and higher production quality.”

“My name is Anissa Baca. I am originally from Ojo Caliente, NM and moved to Albuquerque a few years ago. I am currently a student at UNM majoring in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Media Arts. I am a new student employee at New Mexico PBS, but have enjoyed my time here so far. After graduation, I plan on finding a job television braodcast, which this job is preparing me well for.”

“My name is Brandon Ballejos. I am going to be a senior at UNM getting my bachelor’s in Biology. I want to go into Physical Therapy with a concentration in Homeopathic Healing. I love to read, especially strange fiction and mysteries, and write and babble continuously on all of my amazing revelations about this world. I always love to get lost on random adventures with my friends, but nothing compares to spending time with my large and overly close family. Working at New Mexico PBS has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget, from the important people to the inner workings of a TV station.”

“Tim Carlton-McQueen is the newest hire at PBS and was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico. Tim attended St. Pius X High School and is currently a sophomore at the University of New Mexico. He is studying Biology and Spanish and hopes to join the Peace Corps when he graduates. When he’s not working the front desk Tim likes to volunteer around Albuquerque and enjoys going to concerts around Albuquerque. Tim’s favorite PBS show is Arthur.”

“My name is Alex Deeds and I am a senior at the University of New Mexico, where I am majoring in Media Arts. I am a self-diagnosed movie addict who loves to write and make his own videos, and I hope to one day make it as a writer/director/editor. I love learning about all the different parts that go into making projects for the big and small screen, and at New Mexico PBS I am able to not only learn about, but also practice, all the skills that go into the process.”

“Hi, I’m Veronica Deeds. I am a senior at the University of New Mexico pursuing a degree in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Media Arts. I am from Miami, FL and had a focus on theater and dance in high school. I have always been interested in the arts and am having a great time furthering my education in that field at UNM and assisting at various film festivals. I work with the student production crew at KNME and learning what makes a television station run has been such a great experience for me and working with everyone has been a blast! I am excited for what I can bring to KNME, considering my ultimate goal is to work production for late night talk shows or Saturday Night Live!”

“I am a junior at UNM studying business. I grew up in Stockton, CA but moved in 2006 to Santa Fe with my family. I enjoy playing guitar, riding my bike, fishing, watching movies, and listening to music. Although I have traveled a lot with my family I would always like to travel more and see new things. ”

Carly attended the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. “I am new to New Mexico PBS & am a sophomore at UNM majoring in Media Arts with a minor in Arts Management. In my free time I like to play guitar, make movies, ride my scooter, and rock climb. Favorite movies- The Life Aquatic, and Fargo. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work at NMPBS not only for the knowledge and experience I gain, but also for the awesome people I get to be surrounded with!”

“My name is Ariel C. Griego. I’m a Sophomore at the University of New Mexico pursuing a double major in Archaeology and Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Spanish. My passion for both fields began in middle school when I started participating and winning first place in The New Mexico Regional Science Fair and in local writing competitions. I’ve always been fascinated with the allure of broadcasting since I was a little girl, and I would be awestruck trying to figure out how the people on TV were the first to know about events going around us before anybody else–a phenomenon I summed up to be “magic.” I believe that working at New Mexico PBS will offer me many invaluable opportunities that will certainly enhance and hone those skills that will be necessary to achieve my goals of a career in broadcasting.”

“My name is Nathaniel Gutierrez and I’m a media arts major at UNM. I spend most of my time making and designing different designs and animations for different producers around the city for various shows and performances. Post-production and computer animations are something one I hope to make a career out of.”

Katherine Lupien
“Hi my name is Katherine Lupien, I am an Art Education major. I am wanting to work with kids anywhere from Elementary school through High School. My belief is that anyone is able to create a beautiful masterpiece, despite age or disability. Working with the Education Outreach at PBS is continuing to develop my love for education and those who take the time to create a positive environment for kids.”

“My name is Airen Martin and I am a new student employee at New Mexico PBS. I’m originally from Clovis, NM and I transferred to UNM last year from ENMU. I’m currently a junior studying speech and hearing sciences. My favorite thing to do is travel whether it’s to a different country or just a day trip nearby. I’m really excited to be working here at KNME with such wonderful people.”

“My name is Taylor Mills and I am a new student employee at New Mexico PBS, I am going to be a sophomore at UNM majoring in Media Arts! My love of the digital world and art has led me to a path in Media Arts that I am excited to explore. I work in the New Media/Production departments here at NMPBS, I even helped create the website you are viewing this on! I have a passion for art, computers, and dogs. In my free time I enjoy working on my own art, taking my dogs for walks, going to concerts, and finding new outlets for my creativity. Although I have just started my journey here at New Mexico PBS I have already learned so much and can’t wait to continue growing here!”

“Hello, my name is Joseph Prat. I am a transfer student from NMSU, where I studied digital film-making. Here at UNM I am a senior and majoring in Media Arts. I have always been fascinated with all aspects of production and I started making my own movies and animated films from a young age. I have a love for documentary film making which has been one of my latest passions. I have also been involved with the Plaza Classic Film Festival in my hometown of El Paso, Texas, which allowed to see my favorite film, The Big Lebowski, on the big screen. When I am not studying or working, I enjoying reading, skateboarding, going to shows, and especially watching films. I also used to host my own punk/metal radio program in Las Cruces which I am hoping to start back up here in Albuquerque. Having spent my formative years watching PBS programming, it is truly an awesome experience working here with such an amazing group of people!”

“Anthony Rodriguez is New Mexico native and a third-year UNM student studying a business degree majoring in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media as well as an Arts Management Minor. He has always had a passion for the arts which has now lead into the world of production and entertainment. He currently is working on outside projects within music and is also the official documentarian for the play She Dances with Fate at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. This play is one of many projects he is working on and he is excited for what this production will bring to the city of Albuquerque. He is also excited for what he can bring to the Channel 5/PBS team a new part of the team for 2013.”

“The deceptively thick trunk sways perilously in the small bursts of stinging Eastern wind. Despite the teetering, Denali climbs hand over hand, branch by branch, spiraling around to the top. Not daring to look down, she looks up instead, and then out over the miles of bare trees. A fat crow lands on the peak of a neighboring pine. Breathtaking, and not just because it is 20 degrees out that fine February afternoon.

Apart from climbing trees, Denali attends the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. She is studying Film, Animation and Video, creates stop motion animations in 48 Hours and likes to color. When she is not interning at KNME, she works at Clare Bridge home for Alzheimer’s patients and plans imaginary trips to foreign countries. See her at

“Michael Sol Warren is a junior at UNM studying Journalism, History, and Geology. His life revolves around track and field, as he is currently the UNM team manager and is aspiring to be a collegiate track coach. He uses his full name because there are a lot of Michael Warrens in the world. The staff at Which Wich knows him as Captain Planet.”

“Kendra Williams is a multimedia journalism major at UNM. She was born in San Diego to a NAVY family where she then moved to Mississippi, Japan, Virginia, and lastly Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a senior and excited to be working at KNME and getting to learn about the broadcast side of journalism. When not at work or at school, she likes to read, write, and flex her muscles in the kitchen. Her love for writing started when she was just a kid; an overactive imagination made for great story material. That passion for writing is what led her to pursue a degree in journalism.”