Across the country, it’s increasingly clear that traditional education models aren’t working for many students. In response, many schools are shifting how they operate in order to meet the changing needs of students and communities. The most widespread example of this idea is the community school. Such schools connect families with resources and give parents … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Linking Communities and Schools

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Numerous studies indicate that there are many long-term effects on children who attend quality preschool or pre-kindergarten programs (Pre-K). Those include gains in achievement and social emotional development, less grade repetition and special education, and increased high school graduation rates. New Mexico was ranked 25th in access to pre-kindergarten programs by the National Institute for … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Impact of Early Learning

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We premiere our fourth season of Public Square with perhaps one of the most important and discussed topics: How do we improve New Mexico’s child well-being? With a long history of low rankings, this year New Mexico was ranked 49th in the country on child well-being by the Kids Count Survey. That translates into major … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Improving Child Well-Being


Robb Janov, Rock and Rhythm Teacher at Jefferson Middle School Albuquerque, NM. American Graduate Champion


Gilberto Lobo, Dual Language Team Leader Albuquerque, NM. American Graduate Champion


Robert Baade, Director RFK Charter High School Albuquerque, NM. American Graduate Champion


Food and nutrition program in New Mexico.

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Robb Janov at Albuquerque’s Jefferson Middle School transforms the classroom and the students. “They’re failing most of their classes, not doing well. Or even if they are doing well they’re disengaged, they’re disconnected – and I’m hoping that creating this environment and giving them a chance to succeed at something that they love can start … Continue reading ¡COLORES! Robb Janov & the Rock and Rhythm Band


Family Engagement discussion with Producer Matt Grubs in the NM PBS Studio with educators in the community. 28 minutes.


Teachers teaching teachers to solve the dropout crisis. 6 minutes.


Learn how Big Brothers Big Sisters helps solve the dropout crisis. 5 minutes. Find out more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico


Producer Matt Grubs speaks with Kristine Meurer from Albuquerque Public Schools about Attendance and the dropout crisist. 6 minutes.


Learn about the Native American Community Academy and the dropout crisis. 11 minutes. Find out more about Native American Community Academy


This week, New Mexico in Focus goes in-depth to examine solutions to the high school dropout rate among Native Americans. Correspondent Tara Gatewood, host of the nationally-syndicated radio program Native America Calling, leads a conversation with students who’ve met the unique demands of being a Native American high school student. As news this week shows, … Continue reading NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS: Native Youth Conversation


This video explored dual language education at Truman Middle School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 13 minutes. Find out more about Truman Middle School


Working Classroom in Albuquerque, New Mexico uses art education to help solve the dropout crisis. 6 minutes. Find out more about Working Classroom


New Mexico PBS looks closely at the AVID program. As a solution to the dropout crisis, Advancement Via Individual Determination looks to engage high school students in the academic middle, to challenge them, and get them into college. 5 minutes. Find out more about AVID


The innovative Groden Bernell Charter School is transforming lives of those who dropped out of high school and found themselves incarcerated. The school has graduated students from ages 18 to 53. Produced by New Mexico PBS for the American Graduate project. 7 minutes. Find out more about Gordon Bernell Charter


RFK Charter High School is helping to solve the dropout crisis in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 8 minutes. Find out more about RFK Charter


Learn how citizen schools are solving the dropout crisis. 7 minutes. Find out more about Citizen Schools


Nex+Gen Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico is helping to solve the dropout crisis. 7 minutes. Find out more about nex+Gen Academy

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The outcomes for these youth are not good. In 2011 in New Mexico, only 25 percent graduate from high school and 46 percent experienced episodes of homelessness by the age of 17. Nationally, one quarter have attempted suicide. Girls are more than twice as likely to be pregnant by age 19. The annual cost per … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Transitioning Out of Foster Care

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The national statistics are disturbing. Half of all lifetime cases of mental and substance abuse disorders begin by age 14. About 13 percent of young people live with a serious mental illness. However, only about 20 percent of those kids get the treatment they need. Many end up in the juvenile justice system. Learn more … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Youth Mental Health

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Nationally, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning) youth are more likely to face verbal and physical harassment at school. They are also at increased risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors, suicide attempts, and suicide. Many face discrimination in their own families and may even end up on the streets. Learn more on the PUBLIC … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: LGBTQ Youth in New Mexico

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How can New Mexico combat child abuse? The state had more than 6,500 victims of child abuse and neglect last year and almost half of those victims were 5 years old or younger. The child injury death rate in the state is 1.5 times higher than the national average. In most cases, biological parents caused … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Child Abuse Prevention

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What happens when kids get involved in theatre, art, poetry, dance and music? A growing body of research indicates that these activities have profound cognitive impacts on students. They help boost their abilities in reading, memory, and math. Learn more on the PUBLIC SQUARE website.

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Suicide. It’s a topic many people prefer to avoid, especially youth suicide. But in New Mexico, the rate is about two times the national average. It’s the second leading cause of death for people age 15 to 24 in the state. In Native American communities, the rates are even higher. Learn more on the PUBLIC … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Teen Suicide

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In this episode, parents, advocates and childcare workers meet with NM Senator Sue Wilson Beffort, Representative Jimmie Hall, and Yolanda Berumen-Deines, Secretary of the Children Youth and Families Department. In a candid conversation, they explore how the state can prioritize funding for its youngest citizens. Learn more on the PUBLIC SQUARE website.

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Some 45,000 students in New Mexico schools have disabilities or special needs. One in ten students at Albuquerque Public Schools receives special education services. They lag behind their peers in graduation rates and in reading and math proficiencies. Many families struggle to make sure their children receive the education they need to be successful and … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Special Needs Education

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Victims of bullying, parents, advocates, education officials, and policy leaders join PUBLIC SQUARE’S new host, Megan Kamerick, in a riveting dialogue. R.J. Mitte, an actor on “Breaking Bad,” a television series filmed in New Mexico, joins the community panel to talk about how he was bullied. Detective Brian Schamber shares an emotional story of how … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: Bullying

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Learn more about Teen Pregnancy in NM on the PUBLIC SQUARE website.

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In the first half of the show, young people describe some of the challenges that get between them and a high school diploma: working to support their families, becoming parents, falling behind in classes, struggling to get to school and battling boredom. Their stories are surprising, honest and emotional. In the second half of the … Continue reading PUBLIC SQUARE: New Mexico Drop Out Rate

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In a candid discussion about how well we are preparing our children for college and jobs, residents of Albuquerque’s South Valley meet face-to-face with APS Superintendent Winston Brooks, Chris Baca of Youth Development Incorporated and Katharine Winograd, president of CNM. Learn More on the PUBLIC SQUARE website.