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New Mexico PBS Science Cafe: Super Hummingbirds



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Saturday, October 29, 2016
10:00am – 12:00pm
The Hiland Theater
4800 Central Ave SE
The Hiland Theater 4800 Central Ave SE

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures to behold. They are the tiniest of birds, yet possess natural born super powers that enable them to fly backwards, upside-down, or hold perfectly still in mid-air. Their wings flap over 50 times per second and their hearts beat over 1000 times per minute.

Come to the October New Mexico PBS Science Café to watch a segment of NATURE Super Hummingbirds and then join a discussion with Dr. Christopher Witt, a biology professor at UNM whose research is featured in the documentary. Dr. Witt will discuss new research on hummingbirds that live at high altitudes both in the Andes and the nearby mountains of New Mexico. Witt and his team discovered that these tiny birds can fly at heights that would quickly put a human into a coma. Specially adapted blood-proteins allow hummingbirds to capture extra oxygen with every breath. Dr. Witt will discuss this and other “super powers” of this remarkable family of birds.

Admission to the café is free, but a reservation is required. RSVP to Rose Poston at 277-2396 or

Seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: Due to the advanced scientific language used, children below the age of 10 may find this presentation difficult to understand. Parental guidance is advised.

Be more curious… be more amazed… come to the New Mexico PBS Science Café.

Democracy Now!


Program Title/NOLA:
Democracy Now! / DNOW

1/60 News program each weekday, throughout the year,
Each program repeats daily.

Daily feed and Daily repeat

60 min ea

Length: 59:00

LIVE Feed Date/Schedule:
Daily Feed
0800-0900 ET
HD05 + SD06

This is a live turnaround. Satellite processing delay is 6 seconds.

1100 Repeat (SD ONLY) will start at the top of the hour.

Daily Repeat
Monday- Friday
1100-1200 ET

Rights: Each program unlimited for 24 hours from feed.

Series Description: Democracy Now! is an award-winning, independent, noncommercial, nationally-distributed public television news hour. Produced each weekday, Democracy Now! is available for public television stations free of charge.

Production Format:
HD Base
SD Letterbox downconverted HD

Closed Captioned: Yes

Stereo: No

Producer: Amy Goodman, Executive Producer

Nature of Producing Organization: Democracy Now! Productions, Inc.

Production Funding: N/A

Presenting Station/Group: Independent

Broadcast History: This is a free offer to all Public Television stations.
Democracy Now! has been broadcasting each weekday since Feb. 19, 1996.

Content Alert: N/A

Videos Available: Available through webstore at or by calling 888-999-3877

Tag Language: N/A

Promotional Contact: Denis Moynihan,, 917-549-5000

Democracy Now!
207 West 25th St., 11th Floor
NY, NY 10001

Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes

Underwriting Language: None

Cost/Conditions: Available free of charge to stations, must run program unedited. Podcast and web modules available for stations free of charge as well.

Westlink Program Offers

Blackademics Television 400s

Blackademics Television


Feed Date/Schedule:
October 7 October 28, 2016
1300 – 1330 ET

Unlimited releases for  3 years beginning October 7, 2016. Non-commercial cable right same; school, unlimited for 3 years

Suggested Scheduling:  Public Affairs or Educational blocks, Holidays, MLK weekend, Black History Month, Juneteenth holiday

Top Black Studies scholars, activists and community leaders share projects and research focused on education, performance and youth empowerment.

Individual Program Descriptions:

401 Ulmer / Wests / Smiths
BLDM000401 (25;36)
Young entrepreneurs from around the United States inspire with their business successes and community engagement. Young scholars explain the essence of the Juneteenth holiday.

402 Glover / Thompson
BLDM000402 (25;37)
An African American High School student talks about challenges and successes in the advanced placement classroom. A music instructor talks about youth empowerment through song.

403 Tyson / Gilbarg
BLDM000403 (26;23)
A passionate Austin middle school student orator discusses “Opportunity Avenue.” An advocate for youth empowerment teaches music and video production to inspire and educate.

404 Blakes / Robinson
BLDM000404 (25;29)
One experienced educator and youth advocate discusses the role of spirituality in the lives of a group of African American girls in the Los Angeles area. Another revives Black Leadership camps and activities to inspire youth.

# of Episodes/Length:
4/30 min episodes

Producer:  KLRU & ICUSP (Institute for Community, University and School Partnerships)

Nature of Producing Organization: PTV, not-for-profit educational outreach organization

Production Funding:  KLRU Producers Circle, African & African Diaspora Studies Department at The University of Texas at Austin

Presenting Station/Group: KLRU

Broadcast History: Premiere 400 series

Underwriting Language: “Support for this production comes from the African & African Diaspora Studies Department at The University of Texas at Austin, which includes opportunities for students seeking a PhD. Support for this and other KLRU productions made possible by the Producers Circle, ensuring local programming that reflects the character and interests of the greater Austin, Texas community.”

Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes

Stereo:  Yes   Closed Captioned:  Yes     

Suggested Rating: G

Tag Language:
No Tag

Videos Available: No

Promotional Material:
20 and 30 second promo available at link:

Online screeners:

You can watch older episodes online at

Cost / Conditions :  Free upon notification of intent to carry.

Winners of the 2016 New Mexico PBS – PBS Kids Writers Contest


Grades: K – 3
Today, New Mexico PBS announced the local winners of the 2016 NEW MEXICO PBS KIDS Writers Contest. 120 creative entries were received from local children and 12 winners were chosen for Kindergarten, First place, Second place, and Third place recognitions. Every child who entered will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

This contest ran from May 1 – July 31. A private awards luncheon will be held in the KNME studio in October.

New Mexico PBS presented three PBS Kids Writing Contest Writing Workshops, which were free and open to the public. These workshops were designed to engage children and encourage them to enter this year’s contest. Children could bring in an existing story or get ideas for a new one. Materials were provided. They could meet a notable children’s book author / illustrator, who were on hand to inspire and help the young writers/illustrators.

For over 14 years, New Mexico PBS / KNME-TV hosted the “Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest,” in which over 2000 children from New Mexico participated.

Winners of the 2016 New Mexico PBS- PBS Kids Writers Contest



1st Place: Mateo Benecio Madrid Larrañaga “Donkey Takes A Bath”

2nd Place: Celiana Lopez “Cauliflower Power”

3rd Place: Morgan Inman “The Baby Chick Who Didn’t Like His Beak”


First Grade:


1st Place: Griffin Wells “Hippo and Duck Have a Problem”

2nd Place: Atticus Rossi-Pressley “Super Puppy”

3rd Place: Lola Kadlec “Where Is My Home”


Second Grade:


1st Place: Marisa Elena Madrid Larranaga “The Story of Henry Jalapeno”

2nd Place: Joshua Bobb “Jeff the Adventurer and the Search for the Treasure of the Elephants”

3rd Place: Micah Spizman-McNiven “The Curve-Billed Thrasher Mystery”


Third Grade:


1st Place: Jessie Harrison “Clay Ball”

2nd Place: Phoebe Witt “The Adventure of Nub Clawhill”

3rd Place: Dominic Ward “An African Tale”

Thanks very much to our 2016 sponsors:

Thanks also to these local businesses for their generous prize donations:

KNME / UNM Student employee Faith Perez Produces ¡COLORES! Segment on Santa Fe Artist Max-Carlos Martinez

Faith Perez, a Junior in UNM’s Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media program (IFDM), began working at KNME-TV as an intern. She recently became a student employee, editing segments for KNME’s long-running series ¡COLORES!.

An opportunity arose when Executive Producer Michael Kamins asked if she’d be interested in producing a full ¡COLORES! program segment.

“It was a great learning experience,” says Perez. “COLORES! Producer Tara Walch was a huge help, guiding me. I learned a lot about the process of interviewing and producing, calling the artist and asking questions. Doing editing, you don’t get the same background of what goes into it. It was mind blowing, basically sitting in the director’s chair. It felt really great. I was excited that I got to try it.”

Picking the artist was an interesting experience. ”It helped that I had taken an art history class at UNM,” continues Perez. “It was ‘Contemporary Art and New Media.’ I didn’t think that class would have anything to do with things I was working on. But that knowledge helped a lot. I visited the same website I had used for doing a project in class.”

That website was for the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe. Through it, she got in contact with the Santa Fe artist Max-Carlos Martinez, who inspired by his New Mexican ancestry, paints a history of cultural assimilation in America. Martinez asks “Who are we as American, who am I as a Chicano, who am I as a Hispanic, who am I as a New Mexican?”

Stand Up Empire


Program Title/NOLA: Stand Up Empire/SUEM

# of Episodes:

30 minutes

Feed Date/Schedule:
September 13 – October 18, 2016
1330 – 1400 ET

Rights: Unlimited broadcast one year; no noncommercial cable; school same as broadcast.

Series Description:

Stand Up Empire is a new episodic series shot in Austin, Texas, chronicling the white-hot stand up comedy scene currently exploding in the “live music capital of the world”. Co-Creators Brently Heilbron & Mike Wilson bring you a mix of intimate interviews and tight stand up comedy sets by Austin’s brightest rising stars. Stand Up Empire aims to showcase the household names of the future, as well as document their incredibly diverse backgrounds, their motivations, commitment to comedy, and definitions of success.

Featured in each episode is a segment called “Snapshot” which aims to showcase a unique person, business, organization, or entity, and their connection to the Austin comedy scene. The show is hosted by comedic veteran Brently Heilbron and produced & directed by Austin filmmaker Christopher Shea.

Individual Program Descriptions:
#101 (25:20) – Featured comics Chris Cubas & Saffron Herndon, with a Snapshot of Liezta Brass and the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#102 (25:53) – Featured comics Kerry Awn and Kerri Lendo, with a Snapshot on Shaun Branigan and the emo puppet band Fragile Rock. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#103 (27:22) – Featured comics Rob Gagnon & Lashonda Lester, with a Snapshot on cartoonist/artist Danny Jock. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#104 (26:15) – Featured comics Martin Urbano & Avery Moore, with a Snapshot on the Coldetowne Theatre and the Austin improve scene. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#105 (26:24) – Featured comics Daniel Rubb Webb & Roxy Castillo, with a Snapshot on the live storytelling show Greetings From Queer Mountain. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

#106 (26:04) – Featured comics Lisa Delarios & Chip Pope, with a Snapshot on Workout with Erica Nix. Hosted by Brently Heilbron.

Rating embedded on program: None

Production Format: HD Base

Closed Captioned: Yes

Producer: Gone Off Deep Productions

Nature of Producing Organization: Independent

Production Funding: Underwriters: Rolling Rock, CareBox Program (non-profit), Girl Talk (non-profit)

Presenting Station/Group: KLRU

Broadcast History: Aired on KLRU-Q, beginning June 5, 2016

Content Alert: Content Alerts & Flags will be posted on MyPBS

Videos Available: No

Tag Language: None

Promotional Contact: Brently Heilbron


Local Underwriting Cleared: Yes

Underwriting Language: Funding for Stand Up Empire is brought to you by…

Cost/Conditions: Free / non-exclusive

Willie Velasquez “Your Vote is Your Voice” Film Screening and Voter Registration Drive

New Mexico PBS and National Hispanic Cultural Center Present
Two Film Screenings and Voter Registration Drive

Willie Velasquez Your Vote is Your Voice

October 1, 2016 10 AM to 4 PM
National Hispanic Cultural Center
FREE screenings of the documentary film in Bank of America Theatre
11 AM and 2 PM

REMEMBER! General election voter registration ends October 8.

About the Film: In WILLIE VELASQUEZ YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE, viewers meet the man who led the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project and launched 1,000 voter registration drives in 200 cities, paving the way for Latinos to have a voice in government and underscoring the growing power of the Latino vote.
The film will provide a better understanding of historical, political and social issues facing Latinos, America’s largest growing minority group. Willie Velasquez’s life trajectory and the people he met along the way on the American political scene is fascinating in itself. Through Willie’s journey from radical student activist to respected statesman we will examine the history of the Latino vote, the barriers Latinos had to overcome to obtain representation, contemporary issues facing Latinos today and what the implications are for this election cycle.

The film will also air on KNME Channel 5.1 on Thursday, October 6 at 8pm and on KNMD Channel 9.1 on Sunday, October 9 at 9pm.